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  January 17, 2018 

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TheMooseIsStuffed Posted on Wednesday, October 11, 2006 - 10:56 AM by JaR

Lamers of the MonthJaR writes As most of you are aware, our webhosting company has been somewhat less than reliable of late. As it turns out, we have been contracted with an outfit from California with the unlikely moniker of "TheMooseIsLoose.net", supposedly run by two miscreants that called themselves "Allis" and "Robert" aka "Smackdaddy".

After several days of downtime, during which the only response from said meese was a phone message saying that they were having some problems with a cpanel upgrade or some such, and that the servers would be restored "later today", we finally find out the truth.

They have slunk off into the night, like a pack of weasels and left their customers swinging in the wind, while the server owners upstream had shut them down for non-payment. We are not alone in our misfortune, from checking around webmaster forums, there were many commercial sites that were suddenly cut off as well, losing not just their sites, but all e-mail, etc. as well.

Let's all voice a hearty "Fsck you!" to all the fine folks at TheMooseIsLoose, and hope to someday hang their antlers in the lobby of the MCNGP clubhouse, as not just Lamers of the Month, but byGhods Lamers of the Year!

While we're at it, let's have a rousing cheer for Mark McGowan at Beachcomber Creations Inc. for turning the servers back on until the 21st, so everyone that got screwed by MIS can get their stuff transferred.

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