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  February 23, 2018 

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Welcome to MCNGP.com!

MCNGP for Dummies   As the ever expanding IT Industry increases daily with fresh bootcamp lamers, braindumpers and plummeting passing scores from other certification vendors, an elite new certification has risen from the sludge that has become the IT talent pool. This exciting new certification, held only by the few elite individuals in our industry, is now being made public after many grueling months of research and development, to you, the IT professionals.

MCNGP Requirements:

  • Must be able to prove proficiency in network design implementation and management.
  • Must excel in OS installation methods, performance tweaking and troubleshooting.
  • Must frequent microsoft.public.cert.exam.mcse and provide a proven track record of techincally competent posts.
  • Must demonstrate posting skills both defensive and offensively.
  • Must know what Chalk's term is and must have used it at least twice in it's pure form.
  • Must have excellent knowledge of Kerpalism.
  • Must be willing to stand beside your fellow MCNGP's.
Proficiency in the following areas:
  • Enterprise solutions.
  • Operating Systems other than and as well as MS.
  • Proper use and misuse, when appropriate, of the English language.
  • Newsgroup Flaming Techniques.
  • Belittling those whose skill set is far beneath their own, in a tactful and professional manner.
  • Fluent in movie, tv and song quoting.

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"I am not going to give you a number for it because it's not my business to do intelligent work."

- Defense Secretary
Donald Rumsfeld
(asked to estimate the # of Iraqi insurgents while testifying before Congress, 2/16/05)

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