MCN Group of Companies, currently a leader in all of the industries that it operates in, has worked with the intention of creating added value to Turkey & the rest of the world and has been contributing to economic growth in Turkey since the very first day of its establishment.

With its engineering backbone and entrepreneurial mindset spanning 42 years, MCN Group of Companies introduced many firsts in Turkey and has played an essential role in the country’s global achievements in construction and contracting, hotel investments and management, energy production and marketing, local and international air transportation and finance.

Thanks to its expert team of specialists who embody an engineering ethos and the strength derived from its clients, MCN Group of Companies rapidly progressed in Turkey and abroad, with the company’s equities reaching USD 1.20 billion, today.

The sum value of projects completed by the construction and contracting firms within the MCN Group of Companies reached USD 9.10 billion for completed projects and USD 11.50 billion for those that are in progress as of 2018.

Offering world-class services, Mapa Construction and Günal Construction companies specialize in construction and infrastructure work and are the driving forces of the industry as well as the Group.

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